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          Oxygen-enriched matching

          Oxygen-enriched matching

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          Oxygen-enriched matching

          Ozone denitration

          In the flue gas, the main composition of nitrogen oxide is NO (95%), NO is insoluble in water, while high-priced NO2 and N2O5 are soluble in water to form HNO2 and HNO3. The solubility is greatly improved, and it is easy to get out of the flue gas through lye spraying and other means. NO from the flue gas into a high state, it is necessary to introduce stronger antioxidant, in numerous oxidant, ozone is environmentally clean strong oxidizer, in the process of efficiently convert NO valence won't produce secondary pollution, the survival of O3 cycle is relatively long, will produce O3 after a small amount of oxygen or air ionization, and then to the flue gas and can significantly reduce the energy consumption. Ozone denitrification system can reduce NOx emission by less than g/g, which can meet strict emission reduction requirements. In addition, the particles in the flue gas have no obvious effect on the efficiency of ozone denitrification or NOX removal. This system can not only effectively remove nitrogen oxides, but also have an obvious effect on such particles as sulfur dioxide and dust. It also has no problems blocking ammonia leaks.

          Oxygen-enriched blast furnace

          Improve the blast furnace production, is the most important role in oxygen enrichment, under the condition of the unit consumption of pig iron air volume remains the same, because the blast high oxygen content, nitrogen decreased, so the formation of gas decreased, and the decline of gas volume will make slows down in the blast furnace gas, greatly reduces the met resistance can make the blast furnace gas up reinforcement, eventually to increase production, every 1% of the oxygen enrichment, can increase the output of 3% or so. In order to increase the amount of coal injection, is another important role of modern blast furnace ironmaking oxygen-enriched blast blast, because after oxygen-enriched blast blast, the flame temperature in front of the tuyere increases, the high temperature area in the furnace drops, just compensate for the flame temperature drop caused by coal injection, temperature field distribution change requirements.

          After oxygen enrichment, the flame temperature rises and the high temperature zone moves down, which is favorable for smelting pig iron with high content of refractory elements, such as cast pig iron, fierce iron and ferrosilicon. In the smelting of pig iron such as iron, oxygen enrichment can reduce the temperature of furnace top and the ratio of raw materials. After gas enrichment, the reduction of gas quantity in front of tuyoutlet is due to the relatively lower nitrogen content and the relatively higher CO and H2, which, on the one hand, can improve the reduction capacity of gas and on the other hand, increase the calorific value of blast furnace gas (100·130KJ/m3 for 1% oxygen enrichment), which is beneficial to the gas fuel balance of metallurgical enterprises.


          Total oxygen combustion

          Save energy, reduce energy consumption Melting ordinary sodium calcium silicon glass furnace energy saving 26%~30%, daily, special high boron glass furnace energy saving up to more than 30%. Kunshan Jincheng Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. has developed a modular KG-100 VPSA oxygen generator suitable for the all-oxygen combustion industry of glass furnace, which solves the problem of high cost of oxygen used in glass furnace comprehensively, 300 yuan per ton of oxygen. Glass melt quality is good, total oxygen burning glass viscosity is reduced, at the same time, the total oxygen combustion flame stability, no reversing, combustion gas stay longer in the stove, furnace pressure stable and low, these are conducive to glass melting, clarification, reduce the glass body bubble, grey bubble and the stripes, total oxygen combustion can make tons of glass bubble less than 1.

          The construction cost of the furnace is low, and the structure of the all-oxygen combustion furnace is similar to the unit kiln, without small furnace or heat storage chamber. Due to the high melting rate, the melting area required for the furnace of the same tonnage is small, and the investment in refractory materials is correspondingly reduced. The whole oxygen melting furnace is a monomer structure of melting part, which occupies a small area and has low investment cost. The service life of the furnace is long. The superstructure of the all-oxygen combustion furnace can be constructed with AZS brick or high quality silicon brick. The age of the furnace is more than 8 years.


          Sewage treatment

          Ozone is a lysozyme, used for sterilization can achieve a thorough elimination of all microorganisms inside the object. The principle is to use the cell wall that can destroy or dissolve microorganisms to rapidly spread to the inside of the cell, oxidize and destroy intracellular enzymes, and make the cell undergo permeability distortion leading to dissolution and death. The disinfection effect of ozone is instantaneous and thorough, compared with the traditional, ozone sterilization ability is 600~3000 times, and the PH range is large, large dosage. So ozone can replace chlorine as a disinfectant to prevent the presence of substances that may form in water. Ozone is highly destructive to viruses and spores, while chlorine has little or no effect on viruses.

          Ozone is added to the residual sludge in the sewage treatment plant to make it contact with the organisms in the sludge, thus destroying the membrane of microorganisms and making the sludge into biological sludge which is easy to decompose. This process improves the biodegradability of the sludge, almost completely removing the residual sludge, and does not affect the water quality in the whole process.


          Non-ferrous smelting

          In order to save energy and increase production, develop autothermal smelting, comprehensively utilize and protect the environment, oxygen smelting method is being popularized. Copper, zinc, lead, cobalt, antimony, and other nonferrous metals, mostly in the form of matter. Smelting reaction is oxidation exothermic reaction. General non-ferrous metal ore contains 20%~30% sulfur, sulfur itself is a kind of fuel, 1 kilogram of sulfur is equivalent to 1.32 kilograms of standard coal, in the process of non-ferrous metal smelting oxygen, sulfur can be fully burned, maintain the smelting temperature, improve the smelting speed. Copper, for example, can save 50% of its energy by enriching it with oxygen, doubling its output under the same combustion conditions. The increased content of sulfur dioxide in the flue gas can produce sulfuric acid after recovery, which also reduces the emission of the substance and protects the environment. According to statistics, the oxygen consumption of tons of copper smelting reached 300m3, oxygen purity more than 90%.

          Oxygen-enriched aeration

          The mechanism of pure oxygen aeration process is basically the same as that of air aeration activated sludge process. The difference is that the former is to fill pure oxygen in sewage, the latter is to fill air in sewage. The treatment efficiency of oxygen aeration method is higher than that of air method. To treat the same sewage to the same level, the aeration time required by the oxygen method is generally only about 1/3 of that required by the air method. This is because the pure oxygen concentration is 4.7 times (21%) of oxygen concentration in the air, so the method of oxygen partial pressure of oxygen in the system, that is, the driving force for the dissolved oxygen, and 4.7 times higher than the air method, dissolved oxygen in water saturated value of CS also increased 4.7 times, oxygen transfer rate also increased 4.7 times, significantly increase the oxygen transfer rate, so that the concentration of aerobic microorganisms and activity are improving, significantly improve the deficiency of the traditional activated sludge process.

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